Fisheries Regulations STW „ BiałaPrzemsza”

1.**Any fishing member who is a member of the STW is required to hold a membership card.Fishing permit for fisheries STW is an up-to-date entry in the member card STW and the current catch register issued, which shall pay the contribution for the current financial year.

2.The documents mentioned in the first point and the equipment used for catching and keeping fish should be shown to the inspection authorities upon request.

3. The following are authorized to be inspected in the entire area of STW: the internal fishermen’s fire brigade, members of the management board (not less than two people). police and forest guard, in addition, in special circumstances, two members of the association are authorized to inspect.Each member STW is required to present the membership card to another member STW upon request.

4. When fishing in our fisheries, you can use two fishing rods ( (catching non-feeding fish) or one rod (so-called live bait) + one rod (non-feeding fish) the above-mentioned restriction applies to day and night fishing.

5.A list of fish caught in a given fishery to be entered in the register, daily limits and their dimensions and fish conservation periods are included in the fish catch register.

6. Fishing takes place during the day and night in accordance with the rules set out in the regulations.

7. Night fishing in 2021 takes place seven days a week throughout the year.

8.When fishing from dusk to dawn (at night), anglers are obliged to illuminate the position they are holding with diffused light, not directed towards the water surface. It will facilitate the work of the SRR guards and increase the level of safety in the fishery

9.It is forbidden to take the golden „red” carp crucian carp, the ban applies to all fisheries.

10.There is a total ban on the use of anchors when fishing with the live or dead fish method (only the use of a single hook is allowed). The prohibition does not apply to the spinning method.

11. It is forbidden to exchange caught fish – fish in the net cannot be released into the water.

12. It is forbidden to fish in both ponds at the same time.

13.During fishing, the rods must be under the constant supervision of the angler, with the exception of having a set of signals from the so-called a wireless switchboard informing electronically about the collection.

14. The angler is obliged to have a landing net, his own net and tools for safely unhooking the caught fish while fishing. It is unacceptable to store fish in one net by several anglers.

15.Each angler is obliged to leave his fishing spot clean, regardless of its condition.

16.It is forbidden to gut the fish in the fishery.

17.In the fisheries included in the STW facility, order and fire regulations must be strictly observed.

18.It is strictly forbidden to make fires on dikes and on the premises of the center, except in designated areas.

19.In the waters managed by the STW it is forbidden to abuse alcoholic beverages under pain of penalties imposed by the Peer Tribunal, including disqualification from membership in the STW.

20.Access and parking of cars only in designated areas.

21.It is strictly forbidden to walk dogs without a leash.

22.It is allowed to catch fish from the pier, unless a disabled person is fishing there.

23. An angler may make one of his fishing rods available (only using the float method) to a child up to 14 years of age or to his spouse within his daily limit and within his position.

24.**A member of the association is obliged to work a total of 12 hours of volunteering for the association, including 6 hours for which a cash equivalent can be paid by June 15, the remaining 6 hours must be worked off or a cash equivalent of PLN 20 for each unworked hour by October 10. Failure to comply with this obligation on time results in the inability to fish.

25.Each angler who has used the catch limit has the right to purchase an additional catch register for an additional fee and with the consent of the management board.

26.**The purchase of another catch register is possible after the act has been worked for the association or after the payment of a cash equivalent for the unfinished hours.

27. When fishing with the spinning method, you can use only one rod (fishing with the spinning or live fishing method is allowed from June 1 to December 31).

28. Underage members of STW are allowed to fish with the spinning method from the age of 14.

29.During the training of children from the fishing school and competitions for children, the pond sector „Jezioro”from the headland to the footbridge over the river”Przemsza”is closed.

30.Live fish are allowed to be obtained by means of a lanyard.

31.It is allowed to use remotely controlled boats to transport groundbaits and fishing sets (within one’s fishery).

32.Failure to comply with the regulations is treated as an offense with an automatic referral of the case to the Peers’ Court of the Association.

33.If, during the inspection, it is found that there is no entry in the register of fish subject to registration or the keeping of non-standard fish, above the limit, which are under protection, the fishing license will be withdrawn and the case will be referred to the Peers’ Court.

34.In the event of noticed irregularities or any breaches of the regulations in force in the fisheries of STW „BiałaPrzemsza”, the following persons should be immediately informed about this fact in person or by phone.

  • Commander of the SSR– Krzysztof Brzeziński tel.513 365 420
  • President of the STW– Dariusz Świerczyński tel.516 066 611
  • Treasurer-Dariusz Wójcik tel. 513 802 295
  • Host– Edward Czapla tel. 781 412 647

The regulations were approved by the management board on January 14, 2021. and comes into force on the day of its announcement and is valid until further notice.

** – applies only to members of the association.